achieved at remarkable milestone

Zamroo, the free classified site has crossed 40,000 Ads mark in a very short period of time. The site with almost zero advertising is getting attention just by word of mouth and its USP lies in its simplistic design and ease of use.

In today’s world when most of the classified sites are accessed by mobile apps, these numbers is a remarkable achievement as Zamroo still don’t have mobile application either on Android or on iOS however it is expected that Zamroo mobile application on Android platform will be launched in coming weeks.

Currently, if you want to post a Ad to Rent your apartment on classified site, it takes you somewhere     between 3-4 minutes minimum to Post a Ad however with the help of Zamroo app on Android platform, the users will be able the Post the same Ad in less than a minute. That’s going to be the beauty of the Zamroo mobile application and not only that Zamroo app will be very user friendly as well.

As per recent articles and market research, currently more than 90% of the Ads posted on classified sites are posted via mobile phone and when website like Zamroo still doesn’t have one, this is definitely a good achievement from any standards.

Zamroo expects that their online visitors will triplicate once their mobile apps are launched and so be the number of Ads. So stay tuned and wait for Zamroo mobile apps.



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