the most valuable factor on our marketplace is trust.

We are building a marketplace where the safety and wellbeing of buyers and sellers is paramount. We request you to represent yourself professionally and we will continue to monitor each and every rating to keep the platform safe for everyone. Attempts to defraud users in anyway will not be tolerated.

Zamroo is more than a platform, it’s a community.

We built a giant community around you to either buy or sell unwanted products, but we think it’s important to hang onto the core values. We don’t all live next door to each other, but we think every Zamroo experience can be better if we act like we do in our life. We’re talking about the basic professionalism only. Show up when you say you will: If you are likely will be delayed or cancelled your visit, do the other person know about it, the trust you build around you will help you in achieving your goals.

be ethical. no misrepresentation.

You must rightfully own anything you intend to sell on Zamroo. We have a zero tolerance policy for stolen goods. Remember, selling a product which you don’t own or you are not authorised to sell is a theft. Counterfeit goods or anything sold without permission from its rightful owner aren’t allowed on Zamroo.

no scams.

We will remove any user who impersonates another person or entity, sends unsolicited messages to potential buyers or sellers, or sends misleading, malicious communication of any manner. If your profile is found to be suspicious, we may remove it from our system. Hence we request you to confirm your identity via facebook, gmail, mobile number, email, etc to build trust as it will help more buyers to reach out to you.

law enforcement.

In addition to Zamroo's cutting-edge technology and other proactive measures we take, we also work closely with police and other law enforcement agencies across the country to keep Zamroo secure.

Law enforcement agencies with questions on any of the listing can reach our team via the contact us form, please don’t forget to mention your contact details and the Ad listing ID for us to revert back to you ASAP.


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Code of Conduct


Set fair prices, make fair offers.

We’re building the fair marketplace where everyone feels like they got a good deal and its WIN-WIN for both buyer and seller. Only fair prices and legitimate details will help us to get there.

Tell the truth.

It’s very important to tell the truth while listing. Thorough descriptions and exact details of posted items and transparent conversations about the details of your listing will help everyone find more success more quickly.


We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying, threats and violence. If you found to be one of the trouble-makers, you will be barred from using our platform and appropriate action will be taken.

Meet at public place

We always recommend to meet at crowded public place as this will be safe for both and don’t forget to inform your friend, colleague or family member when you are going out to meet someone you never met before.

Check the goods physically

Please check the product thoroughly, test it before you say yes to the deal.

Report problems

If you found any listing which is violating our policy, using abusing language during course of discussion or anything suspicious, do not forget to inform us immediately.

Rate Seller

We would like to build a safe community; hence we request you to rate the seller to let the other users know that he is an authentic seller or not. Honest feedback are always welcome.

Lastly if anyone found to be violating Zamroo’s code of conduct, Ad listing policy or the user is a threat to other users; those users will be barred from using our system and we don’t mind to keep the enforcement agencies informed of any such violation.