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Recommended Safety Tips

We are committed to ensuring the safety and well being of our customers. We strongly recommend all of our online users to follow these guidelines before beginning any transaction. Here are a few tips to help you have a happy experience with us:


  1. Deal with people locally, whom you can meet in person.
  2. Make sure goods are in full working order before handing over money.
  3. Do not transfer money over Internet; we strongly recommend paying by Cash only.
  4. Avoid giving information over email including any personal or financial information.
  5. Never share your bank account or credit card details.
  6. Do not pay in advance for goods.
  7. Beware if the goods are cheaper than normal.
  8. Be wary if a seller is putting pressure on you to make a quick decision.
  9. Please beware of forgeries e.g. big brand name goods, tickets and multimedia products that are not originals.
  10. Always get a signed proof of purchase.
  11. Ask the seller for an address, landline number as well as a mobile so you can make contact if there is a problem with the product.
  12. Find something fishy? Never hesitate to abandon the deal at any stage.

  1. Be as honest as possible to avoid any rejection at later stage of dealing.
  2. Be responsive in order to gain buyer’s interest.
  3. Confirm buyer’s identity including phone numbers before the closure of deal.
  4. Arrange a meeting with the buyer in a public area.
  5. Please don't share any financial information with the buyer except for any info required for payment remittance in cases of high value transactions.
  6. The list of Prohibited items which can\'t be advertised on website can be found here.
  7. Ask buyer about his/her purpose of purchase.

Reporting Scams and Frauds?

Zamroo doesn't offer any sort of buyer protection / payment programs. Any emails you receive that talk about such system are scams, even if they may have the Zamroo logo. If you receive an email promoting these services, please report it to us immediately.

If you see and suspect that an ad on our website is illegal, defamatory, obscene,fraudulent or otherwise violates our policies, please email us at or send the details via our Contact Us form. We will take appropriate action to rectify the issue upon investigation.

If you have been cheated by a fraudulent Ad on the site, or your transaction has gone awry, please contact us so that we may be able to put in place corrective measures as soon as possible so as to help you solve your problem. In the event of any fraud or illicit activities, report the incident to your local police immediately.

Reporting abuse / Harassment / Spoof (fake) / Spam emails?

If you have experienced abuse or harassment in connection with either an ad on our website or an email received from a Zamroo user, please forward the details (ad title, seller contact details and Listing URL) and sender\'s email account provider (e.g.: Hotmail, Yahoo!) to us.

Once the ad is found to be violating our Ad listing policy, we will investigate all accounts under the user to prevent further abuse and take corrective action.