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How to Post an Ad ?

Posting an Ad on Zamroo is super easy and you can post your Ad in less than 1 minute. You can Post your Ad even without Registration.

Simply follow these instructions to Post an Free Ad:

1. Click the "Post FREE Ad" tab at the top right of any Zamroo page.

2. Choose the right category for your Ad; there are 20 categories in total..

3. Enter a title, price and Detail for your item you are selling.

4. You have the option of uploading up to five photos.

5. Enter description for your item you are selling.

6. Enter your name, email address & Mobile number.

7. Select your State, City and you can also mention Landmark (optional).

8. Click the "Submit Ad" button and your Ad has been submitted, don't forget to check your Ad once published.

9. Finally, check your email message from Zamroo. You can Edit / Delete via the links provided to you in your email at any time 24 x 7 x 365 days.

10. You can manage all the ads posted by you by clicking "Manage Listing" section which is accessible after you are logged in, the Sign In Register button can be found on the top right hand corner of the homepage. You can Post New Ad, Delete your Existing Ads or Edit your Ad\'s at you convenience 24 x 7 once you are logged in..

11. You can also View, Edit or Delete your Ads from the email link you received in your email box. Please do not forward the email you received from Zamroo to anyone as it has important links related to your Ad.

Please feel free to Contact Us incase you are facing any issues in Posting your Ads !

Happy Selling !!!