SDE - Data Scientist


Data Science at Zamroo comprises of enthusiastic young scientists thriving to derive value from data continuously. Data Science team focuses on product and user analytics by integrating data from multiple sources streaming at a rate of ~5 -10 GB/day. The team has developed state-of-art solutions for developing automated contests, data driven risk prevention model, risk aversion, recommendation systems to enhance product and user experience.


Your Role:

- Creating algorithms to extract information from a large data set to perform statistical analysis and analyse the same to create predictive models for consumer behaviour

- You will use data science, behaviour psychology analytics to help Zamroo be more fun, social and rewarding. Join us if you believe that data science can revolutionise our world

- Applying rigorous experimentation and iterative analytics to steer the improvements of our products, while implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence

- Establishing scalable, efficient, automated processes for model development, model validation and model implementation

- Giving a strategic perspective to our teams and providing business understanding to the organization based on your data analysis

- Identifying emerging trends and opportunities for future growth.


MUST have:

- You need to eat, breathe and sleep data. For you, everything has to be measured and data-driven

- Are an expert at data visualization and presentation

- Have a strong background in statistical concepts and machine learning models

- Have 4+ years of work experience with large volumes of data preferably in e-commerce

- Have a formal education in relevant fields such as stats, computer science or applied math



- Experience of working in an agile environment

- Previous experience at a fast growing consumer internet startup


What is the Zamroo family like?

At Zamroo, we don’t have employees, we have innovators.

Innovators you can trust. Innovators who are intelligent, hardworking, fun to be with and respect each other. We are a diverse team united by a common purpose: to make buying and selling a fun.


What we promise?

A place where experiments and learning never stop. A place without micromanagement and bureaucracy. An opportunity to create an impact from day 1 in your life.

Come join India’s leading consumer to consumer tech company. The grass is literally greener in our field.