Zamroo Online marketplace going global, the leading online marketplace launched in India a year ago has embarked the plan to launch the online marketplace in other countries including Australia and Southeast Asia.

After the excellent response from India where currently they have 9,000 dedicated sellers aprox and more than 40,000 listings received in a short period of time, the management has been encouraged to roll out the portal overseas as its User Interface is unique and they feel that they would get the excellent response from the other countries due to lack of such portals in those geographies.

There is scarcity of online marketplace of this nature in these selected geographies and the management feels that they are going to receive very good response from the countries they will be launching due to its indepth categorization, beautiful UI, etc. Additionally company will be launching its mobile apps alongwith the web version of the portal which will further strengthen its position in those geographies.

The roll out in selected geographies is expected in 3rd or 4th quarter of the year.



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