Zamroo gets more than 9K sellers on its platform

Zamroo, the leading classified portal now have more than 9,000 sellers on its platform which includes small business owners as well as individuals across PAN India. Due to its in-depth categorization across various categories is helping Zamroo to attract large number of sellers as most of the sellers feels the other portals are overcrowded and they don’t receive the qualified deals on the other platforms.

They feel Zamroo’s detailed description is also helping them to get the deals closed as most of the buyer’s get sufficient information on the portal itself.

Zamroo strategy is not to have Ads posted on its portal with no sale as we have seen on other portals but to have qualified listings only to create a Win Win situation for buyers and sellers both.

Zamroo quality teams is working hard to achieve the desired results and will continue to do so in the future as well. Any suggestions, feedback, new features requested by buyers and sellers are being reviewed seriously and are being incorporated in their system.

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