Zamroo about to Launch Mobile App at Google Playstore, India’s leading free classified portal is about to launch its first mobile application on Android platform. As we have seen Zamroo website was designed uniquely and it is still best in its class, we expect Zamroo’s mobile application will also be ahead of its competition.

Zamroo is one company which takes the feedback given by its users very seriously and keeps adding the features requested by users which no other company does in reality.

So now the million dollar question is how the Zamroo mobile application will look like, what features will it add and how its design and other features will be better than their competitors.

So we can assure our readers and online visitors that Zamroo’s mobile application will definitely give you feel good factor. Rest assured Zamroo team is working hard to give you a very uniquely designed application with few features which you can’t find in any application till date in India.

To give the glimpse of our mobile application, let us say if today it takes 2 minutes to Post an Ad for selling a Car or Renting your Apartment or even selling your Smartphone on any classified site; with the help of Zamroo mobile application you will be able to Post the same Ad at Zamroo in less than                30 seconds, that’s our promise. Not only that your Ad will include most of the information what buyers will be looking for. Zamroo doesn’t believe in just having the Ad posted on its portal but it believes in getting your items sold as fast as possible.

So…stay tuned, Zamroo’s mobile app will be arriving soon.



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