Newly launched Apple iOS 9 update

science-and-technology-700949_1280Apple newly launched iOS 9 have received the overwhelming response from Apple users. As per Apple more than 45-50% existing devices have already been upgraded. The best part of iOS 9 is its file size; iOS 8 update required almost 4.6 GB of free space as compared to iOS 9 which only needed 1.3 GB of free space hence apple users don’t need to delete few existing applications or delete photographs to install this update.

Now let us talk about the few features which are important from user point of view:

  1. Battery: This was the main pain point of most of the Apple users, if your device was 100% charged in the morning and even if you are medium user, the battery will drain out in few hours time which needs recharging again. Considering this issue, Apple has introduced “Low Power Mode “which temporarily reduces the power consumption of your phone.


  1. Back to App function: This is new function introduced in iOS 9, till now if you click any link in the email or in the browser, the link comes up and there was no way to go back where you were earlier. With this function you can now go back to App or Back to email which is displayed on the tope left hand corner of the screen.


  1. Wallet App: Now in the newly launched Wallet App you can not only store your Loyalty cards, etc but also the credit cards and other sensitive information. Just add your desired Wallet App or Scan the code and all is available at your finger tips on click of the button.


  1. Closing of the Apps: Now to close the existing open Apps, Apple has improved its design to close the Apps conveniently.


  1. Calendar upgrade: Apple has upgraded its Calendar design and integrated few other components to show the upcoming events including your flight details, etc which definitely give the user feel good factor.


  1. Siri: Apple has redefined Siri, it is much more responsive as compared to earlier versions.


  1. email attachments: Now you can add images, documents, etc to your emails, again a very useful feature especially for the business people.


  1. Notes: Apple has made its Notes App worth now, till now it was meaningless to have the Notes App on your but with its new enhancements like adding attachments, draw sketches, etc is now one of the best app in its category.


  1. Hiding Photo’s: Apple in iOS 9 made this task simpler, now you can hide more than one photo in one click.


As a Apple user, we feel these are the most important changes which you can find in iOS 9, we will highlight more features in our future editions.




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