Free Classifieds like Zamroo are making headways like never before

There is growing trend of eCommerce penetration in India, two years back there were very few takers of buying goods online in India however the landscape of the same has changed dramatically. Now you can find people not only buying Electronics goods like TV, Mobile or Computers online but grocery too.

It was hard to believe someone buying shoes online 2 years back but as the Online portals offers 30 days replacement guarantee alongwith good amount of discounts, users are more than happy to place orders online and try it out as there is very minimal risk. As most of the eCommerce portals sell only new products but there was a need of portals on which people can sell their used products.

This need created whole new world of eCommerce portals which we typically call as Free Classifieds. Each and every household in India do have goods which are not being used, there was no taker for those goods till Free Classifieds were introduced. It is estimated that there are goods worth Rs. 60,000 crores in just 20 cities of India; the numbers are astonishing if we consider the entire India. Today you can find people selling Cars, Bikes, Furniture, Clothing and almost everything one can think of on these Free Classified portals. We have also found that there is growing trend of people selling animals on the Internet including cows, dogs, goats and even buffaloes on these portals and surprisingly they are getting buyers not only from the cities nearby but from across India. For example, someone selling a cow in Uttar Pradesh is getting buyers from Kerala or even Karnataka; this might eliminate the need of Cattle fairs organized in different parts of the country in the near future. Today you find 4,000+ Ads of the people selling animals on the free classified portals.

Now comes the Free Classifieds portals, in India you can find only 2-3 classifieds portals which are primarily used to sell the used goods, but now there is new entry of in Free Classified space which is much more advanced than the free classified portals we had till recently. Zamroo’s extensive list of 20 categories provides you the option of selling almost everything you can find of earth and its user friendly design is its USP which has made it so popular in very short period of time.

India needs few more portals like which will not only be used by sellers across the country to sell their used products but even small retailers can use these portals very efficiently and effectively to promote their products and services.





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